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With over 15 years experience discovering, litigating against and attaching to people's assets, there are few better equipped to design a plan to protect your loved ones.

Legal Transparency

MLG's team is led by Minneapolis-based Estate Planning Attorney Lisa A. Haster, Esq., who maintains a fresh and different perspective on the practice of estate law.  Lisa offers 15 years of courtroom litigation experience representing families, individuals and businesses. Her #1 priority is keeping clients' families out of conflict and out of probate court because she knows first-hand, the unpredictability of the courtroom.


Lisa's practice includes Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Asset Protection and probate.  Her resume' is impressive.  She has acquired accolades that include chairing bar association groups, sitting on esteemed expert panels, assisting in co-authoring of asset protection statutes, lobbying before the legislature and educating other lawyers in her areas of expertise as a keynote speaker at Continuing Legal Education seminars.  She has authored several books including The Ultimate Guide to Protecting your Family from Uncle Sam, Opportunists, Uncertainty & Probate and is a contributing writer for several legal publications.  Lisa is licensed to practice law before every District and Federal court in the state of Minnesota.

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Lisa's story of Loves Ones who passed without end of life planning

After nearly a decade and a half of practicing law, Lisa felt that her practice was becoming less fulfilling.  She attributed it to the line of work she was doing and the way she and most lawyers were going about being paid for the services they provided.  She recognized a need for change in her line of work and reform in her law firm billing practices. 

A large portion of Lisa's practice was devoted to locating, litigating against and attaching to people's assets.  She spent  every day in court trying to reason with the emotionally charged people she was suing.  Further, she was exhausted from tracking every task to the 1/10 of an hour and invoicing her clients every month.  


Lisa became determined to find fulfillment in her practice.  She wanted to truly serve her clients and to do so without sending them  ongoing monthly invoices.  


With the realization that there are few better equipped to protect the assets of clients than she (she spent much of her career going after peoples assets), Lisa ramped up her existing estate planning practice and sought out to serve more families than creditors.


Regardless of the service her team now provides, its clients always experience legal transparency in understanding how their plan will work for their family in the future and what the service will cost.  Unlike other firms, every service at MLG is billed as an up-front flat fee with no hidden costs and its clients are encouraged to contact our Minneapolis office with questions without the fear of being billed.